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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An official "school age" kid

Yep... Kyler Channing graduated Pre-K and is now on his way to the BIG SCHOOL! :) He was so proud of his graduation day! He kept telling me, Mom, you know I am a Kindergartner now, right?!

my little man taking "the walk"
aren't they so cute in their little cap and gowns?

saying the pledge of allegiance and pledge to Bible and Christian flag

he got the award "everyone's best friend"
imagine that. :)

getting his diploma. he was so happy!

watching the video of them as babies. it was
the sweetest video ever!

proud daddy! he told Kyler... now you have 3 more
graduations to go. High school. College. Grad School. Med School. HA!

YAY! Best Friends!

Harper wouldn't cooperate for pictures. And my eye was
KILLING me but D insisted on a picture. Gah. My eye
hurt so bad. I immediately went home and took my
contacts out and put medicine in them for days. They
are still sore. Have no idea what happened to them. My guess is
allergies/sinus. You should have seen me two hours after this.
It was terrible!

Kyler's 3 year old class teacher, Nesse. She's one of our favorites!

Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Cathy. We love her!

Other teacher, Mrs. Cindy! She lives just down the road from us!
We love her, too.

So.. I now have a big kid. I am so sad and happy at the same time.
I am NOT looking forward to the first day of school.. but I do love
school supplies! :) YAY for kindergarten!

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