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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chattanooga Vaca

We left on the 31st for Chattanooga. All 8 of us. My family of 4, my brother in law and his fiance, BJ and a cousin, Jeremy. Don't worry, we took 2 cars. We got there around 11, ate lunch and then headed for the aquarium! That was the real reason for going so we could take the kids there. It is amazing! Harper and Kyler had the best time. Harper is just at the age where every animal is so interesting to her, so she had a blast!

I didn't take any pictures at the aquarium because I left my memory card in my laptop at the hotel. I didn't realize it until after we got downtown. :/ I did take some with my phone, though.

This was at the zoo. It is a nice and roomy, but not a lot of animals. There were about 5 or 6 exhibits. It was pretty and cool that day because it rained a little bit. 

In the front part of the zoo there are all these sculptures of monkeys and apes. Kind of reminds me of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Creepy almost. 

These beauties were just walking all over the zoo. They didn't have a specific place. I finally read where they are allowed to wander around because they think of the zoo as their home and they will never leave. Huh! They were so pretty and SO not shy. This one little guy walked beside us almost the entire time we were there. They make the loudest, most annoying noise, though. Very loud. And annoying.

I think this is my new favorite picture of these two. Harper was being so loving at the moment and Kyler was being extra cooperative. They are just so cute!

Then we went to the Creative Discovery Museum. Coolest. Place. Ever. I always thought the children's museum in Memphis was awesome, but this place is 10 times better. Everything you could imagine to make, build, destroy, cook, and think was there. Our favorite part was the rooftop play area. They had these seats where you sat down and had to pull yourself up on a pulley. It was so fun!

There was also a tower you walked up to see the downtown area. Very cool.

Self playing piano. But they didn't know that. :)

They found them a little seat!

Saturday we went to Lookout Mountain. Still pretty! It's been 4 years since we
went last and a lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same as well. The view is 
still gorgeous!

Harper and I hung out and played while everyone else did Ruby Falls. I must have gotten more claustrophobic in the last 4 years because the thought of being 1200 feet underground under a mountain and not being able to get out until it was over was too much for me. I remember being down there last time, and it is VERY small and TIGHT down there. And I wasn't having it myself, let alone try and take little Miss down there. No way. So we enjoyed the outside view from ABOVE the mountain. :) 

We hit up the incline, too! Good times. At the bottom of the hill, we ate at his cute little place called Blacksmith's Bistro. Check it out here. Man, was it good. We sat outside (it was perfect weather) and enjoyed a delicious lunch! Good service and even better food. We gave it a 10. If you are traveling that direction, stop at St. Elmo Street and eat there. 

Beth (Chris's fiance) BJ, and me.

From the top of the incline! On our way down!

View from atop Lookout Mountain.

Harper by the prettiest flowers at Rock City! Love that place, but it is FOREVER long. We were there for 4 hours and we finally took the short cut at the end. We did get to see the Fairyland Caverns, though. All the gnomes and fairy tale stories in black lit rooms. Kind of reminded me of Gremlins. But it was pretty. Ha. Pretty Gremlins. 

Lover's Leap.

This is where you can see 7 states. Jeremy thought this was the coolest part of the trip. It is kind of neat to be able to see so much at one time! D and I took a pic here 4 years ago. 

Besides all the places we went sightseeing, the food was awesome, too! 
We went to:

Mellow Mushroom (good good pizzas)
Blacksmith's Bistro
Cracker Barrel (a vacation must anytime)
Gi Gi's Cupcakes 

Next stop, Orange Beach!

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