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Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Cards?!

So, Tiny Prints is giving away free Christmas cards!
Who doesn't like FREE?! I know I DO!!!!
they have TONS and TONS of cards to choose from!
I love these, just to name a few:
 I love the simplicity of this one! Very classic.
 The colors of this one are so pretty! And I would love to use that many pictures!
 I like the cool blues of this one. Very simple and classic, again.
See a trend?
 LOVE THE COLORS and the FOLD OUT!!!! So unique! This
one is definitely in my top 3!
 Love the pretty font! And again, multiple pictures!

This one is so cute! The round shape is neat! And I love
the symmetry of the pictures.

I always take a pictures of my kids in front of our
Christmas tree in some cute pj's for our card pictures!
I let them hold a wrapped present and look all cute
posing for the camera. They end up so cute and I always put the date
on the card, too, so I can keep up with years. I also like seeing
how our tree and presents change and grow from year to year!

My tree holds our Christmas cards from family and friends, too.
I stick each card in as an ornament! They always shine with the lights
and I can look at pictures all day! :) I also have a card wreath with
wooden clips that I made, but I hang jingle bells from it instead of cards.

Tiny Prints is such a cute site! You must go see it now! Here is the link again:
 I love their holiday line. I love all the color choices and different card options
available this year! Can't ask for much more! :)
Now, get to shopping!!!!

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