“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not Much Happenin'

While I am on hiatus from work for the next week, I plan on doing a lot of...
Crafting. Thanks to Pinterest, my craft blood has
started pumping and I cannot WAIT to get making and baking! This time of year
always gets me like this, and now that I have all my crafts
neatly organized.... I am ready to roll. I have my list of things to get and
the plan of how I am going to do it all! 
I put up Christmas this week, too.. all except for hooking up the lights outside.
I still have one more garland to make, too. That is on my to-do list for either today
or tomorrow. I have been cleaning out rooms, toys, and clothes all in preparation
for Santa Claus. He's got big plans this year. Plans, being the keyword. ;)
Kyler has already sent two letters to Santa (yes, in the mailbox to the North Pole)...
and is already counting down days until he comes...Harper is oblivious to the whole
Santa thing, but this year is sure to be FUN on Christmas morning. She has already
taken every ornament off the tree and put it back on about 10 times. And all of my 
decorations around the house... never in the spot that I put them. She treats my nutcrackers
like her baby dolls. I found them covered up with a blanket and a cup by their head
yesterday. HA! She is a little momma, for sure.

See.. now I am out of things to talk about. Nothing is that interesting around
here, lately... Other than a couple of doctor visits and some antibiotics, 
things are pretty chill and quiet. Until the kiddos get home, of course. Then it's
pure chaos until time for bed. But that is how we like it. :)

OH! I almost forgot. We FINALLY got some family pictures made
last week. Yea, the cheesy ones where we all wore white shirts
and jeans. But I really wanted a simple look with all 4 of us. Finally.
I can't post the link straight from here, but I did post a link
on Facebook. Check 'em out!

Yes, I know.. it's blurry... wouldn't let me save it from
the website! Sorry!

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