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Friday, July 29, 2011

Update Overload

Yes, it's been over three weeks since my last post. I know this. If you only knew what all has taken place in the last three weeks, you would understand. Busy. Hectic. Life.
Long story short. I've been working in my classroom (yes, I got a job) for the last couple of weeks! I am the 5th Grade Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies teacher at Belle Elementary in Aberdeen. Yes, it is twenty miles from me both ways... but it's a job. And I need one. B.A.D. I decided to go with Safari/Jungle theme. Y'all know how I am with my themes! It's not too much, but just enough I think to give it a little character. My room is the old P.E. room, so I had a lot of work to do! Still have some little things to do here and there.. and get another filing cabinet and couple more bookcases. Anyone have any of these things..
send them my way!!! I am also looking for a literature organizer. They look like THIS. I need two of them actually. Total organization skills in my room this year! Everything has a tray and/or a place. Well, I think so anyways. I am sure when school starts I will realize I need way more than what I have right now...

I am anxious/nervous/scared/excited/stressed about this school year... This is my first year as a BIG GIRL and the first few days and weeks are critical! Every little thing counts with these students, and I intend to go above and beyond for them. I hope and pray it all works out! Prayers are welcome for me as I start on this new journey of this thing called TEACHING. :) :)

Kyler is so grown... Just this morning he asks me in the car, "Mom, does my hair look good in the back?! I need a hair cut so bad, it's ridiculous." I didn't even know what to say after that. He is really grown. And will be 5 in just about 8 weeks. Man o Man... 5 years old. He reminds me at least three times a week. Harps on me about planning his party.. which I am in the process of doing right now. I have the jist of what I am going to do and how to do it.. Just waiting on my first BIG GIRL PAYCHECK to help finance it all! :) This year's theme.. Superheros. Should be a lot of fun. I have found some pretty cool ideas for decor, food, and games. Me and Google are pretty good friends these days.

Harper Layne... now she is GROWN. She runs this place and school and everywhere else she goes! Her top right tooth just came in the other day, and she loves to play with it! She is always smiling and "showing her teeth." I posted videos of her on facebook the other day of her dancing and throwing fits. She is talented at both. Can scream and throw a hissy fit better than most, but can sway and clap like it's going out of style. The kid loves music. Loves it. Any kind, too. She will "sing" to just about anything. And dance, too. Even in the car! 
She can say "bath," "dada," "mama," "ky," (kyler) "hey" and "dog." She also points at everything. Walks to the pantry door and beats on it when she wants a snack. Does the same to the fridge when she wants a drink. Walks to the door and points when she wants to "go" and knows what "nite nite" means. She walks to her bed and just stands there and whines when it's time for a nap or bedtime. Good thing she gets it all early! :)

Both of them LOVE to be outside. Since she got her new playhouse and picnic table and Kyler has a small swimming pool... they are outside quite a bit. They have bug bites all over to prove it. Those bugs love our blood. Obviously because we are all so sweet! HA!

School starts NEXT week for me! Well, two days of meetings really and that's it. Our classes don't start until the 8th. AH!!! Am I ready for this?! I sure hope so! I will work in my room Monday and Tuesday to get everything squared away for Open House night. I have copies to make, signs to paint, and some other little things to do. Thinking of cookies or brownies as a treat for the parents that come! Food always hooks 'em.

I would love to say that blogging were higher on my priority list.. But if it is not right now, it sure won't be when I am in full swing of school. I have two other things going on right in the middle of this HUGE transition in my life, but we'll save that discussion for another day. Give me another reason to blog. I am having to adjust to not being at home with my kiddos whenever I want and giving the "reigns" to Derek to take the kids to school everyday and pick them up everyday! And I won't be home until after 4 all the time, so that will be a big change for everyone. I have a plan, though! Organization and planning ahead meals, clothes for school, and making lunches... To keep my sanity this first year of school. Pray for D as he continues to head the household and take on more responsibility as I start mine!

My dear friend, Micaa.. she sent me this quote. She knows my heart and mind. I am so thankful for her.

"For the future: celebrate the God who has already demonstrated his power and provision in your past."

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