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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yup, that's right. Recovering. I had my gall bladder taken out yesterday, which was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I originally had it planned for Sept. 1st, but it decided it didn't want to wait that long I guess. I woke up Monday morning in agony. Horrible, aching pain. D was ready to take me to the hospital. But I went on to work (because I love my job that much, HA!) Called the doc's office at 8 a.m.... he said "this needs to come out A.S.A.P.

So, Tuesday morning, at 6 a.m., I was laying in the hospital waiting. And continued to wait until 11:20. That is when I finally went back! The whole thing took about an hour. He did it the laparocsopic way, so I have three TEENY TINY pin holes under my rib cage, and one right above my belly button! No stitches, no cuts! How amazing is medical technology these days! I am sore today, but having to walk a lot because of these air bubbles I have inside of me now. They HURT like the dickens. Yes, I just said dickens.  :) Thank you to all that have called, text, and messaged me about my surgery and recovery. I have to be off the rest of the week, but can go back to work on Monday.
Speaking of work.... for those of you who don't know, it's work. And it's hard. These kids are tough. But before I left on Monday, they were a newborn baby step better than last week. I guess it just takes time for them to listen and calm down. It's something else, though. I could rant and rave about it all day, but then that would just put me in a bad mood. Moving on.......
Kyler's birthday is fast approaching (end of September, but it will be here so fast) and I am just now starting to plan it! CRAZY! I usually would have everything planned and ready to go.. but with school starting and this gall bladder issue, I just haven't had the time. I plan on doing some serious planning this week while I am at home. At least pick out the invitations and get a menu and games set up. And find the perfect fabric for the capes. Oh yea, there will be capes. :) 
He is also trying to read. He picks out a book every night before bed to read. We read it to him and then he "reads" it back. We have started pointing at the words we say so he can recognize them. He has done really well the past few nights... And at school they are starting to do some word recognition, too. He knows so much at so many things, that I am not worried that he can't read right now anyways. He picks up on things really fast, so I know he will be fine.
Harper Layne.. has turned into a little drama queen. She is so rough, too! She thinks she is playing, but she is mean at times! And will let you know when she doesn't like something. She absolutely HATES to be told "NO" and will yell back at you when she hears it. She also has the "fake cry" that is more like a scream... a very loud scream. She is playing with sounds and trying to say a few words.
I remember Kyler being able to say more words at this age than Harper does now. I don't know if she doesn't say anything because we all know what she wants most of the time and she gets it or what. She will point at what she wants and goes "Uh, Dat" which means she wants that. And she bangs on the pantry door and refrigerator when she wants a snack or drink. She will go to her bed and pull on it when she is ready for bed, too. And she will go to the bathroom and point at the tub when she is ready for a bath. She knows what many words mean, and I know she can hear everything. She listens pretty well for the most part. The biggest issue we have with her right now is climbing up everything. Up the chairs to the table, over into the bathtub, up on our bed... if she can dig her toes into it, she's going to climb it. Oh, this age!
She is about to move up to the toddler room at school, so I am hoping she will stop hitting, too!

Here are some pictures from a few days ago... I will try to do better at blogging, promise! Things are just a bit crazy at my house these days!

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Bless your heart! I hope you are feeling better!

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