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Sunday, July 3, 2011

This time last year...

I was holding this sweet baby in the hospital!

Harper Layne turned the big 1 on Friday, July 1st! :)
I was SUPER busy getting set up for the party,
so I had no time, and I mean, NO time to blog! Her birthday was on Friday,
but her party was on Saturday... for convenience! It took
me over 9 hours, with the help of a friend, to set
Candyland up for the party. But, it turned out so cute!
So worth it! From the characters that I hand drew and painted,
to the activity stations, from the candy centerpieces to the
CANDYLAND cake, everything turned out just the way I wanted.
We had 15 children show up, and they all had a blast. They got to do
Pudding Paint:
Cereal Jewelry:

Stained Glass Paint:

Coloring Pages:

And, of course, the big event....
That was the best part. And even better? I barely had any candy left over.
Thank you, parents, for letting your kids have all the candy they wanted today.
They did go home with a toothbrush and a flosser, too! H

Harper had the best time! She was not cranky at all. She played and ran
around just like all the big kids! And presents....oh my... the presents.

She was over opening them after the second one, so I finished up for her. :)
Cute toys and fashionable clothes for my sweet birthday girl!
The adults got to play a matching game about candy bars at the party, too!
Couldn't leave them out! I was surprised that 7 people got them ALL right!
Good class of students! ;) We ate, laughed, ate some more, and took LOTS
of pictures in the oh so short two hours! 

And do you know... after it was over.. it took a mere 1 hour to destroy
my pretty decorations and pack up Candyland. I was so sad! I kept most
everything, though.. so.... if anyone needs a party, I've got you covered! :)

I am still recovering from no sleep in the last 48 hours and the sugar high.
Happy 1st Birthday to my baby girl!

Here are the pictures of her months that I made into a banner for the party!
Her smile is the same! Love it!!!


Shannon Willcutt said...

Precious party!! We did a candy theme for Lucy's party her last birthday...one of my favorite parties!! We did the toothbrush thing for favors too...plus a Cookie Mama cookie *Ü*

Kayla said...

Cute party.
I have a blog also

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