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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Walkin' in Memphis

So, besides me being a horrible blogger and all,
life has been pretty easy going the last couple of weeks.
I am STILL waiting to hear back on a possible
job (fingers crossed) and am starting to get impatient.
I know, I know...Patience is a virtue and a must,
especially when waiting to hear about a job.. but HELLO!
I need a J-O-B, and N-O-W.

I took Kyler swimming with our Sunday School
teacher's granddaughter a couple of weeks ago.
Bailey, the little girl, is a hoot! She and Kyler are only
2 months apart, so they got along great! So funny
seeing a little girl bossing Kyler around. Looks like
what Harper will be doing soon!  They had a blast swimming
and playing, even their very own little picnic under the
patio.  That was the same day I had my job interview!

FBC Bible School was last week, too! We only
got to be there on Monday and Tuesday because we went out town,
hence the title of this post, but we had lots of fun while
we were there! The theme this year was New York City,
and it was so cute! I would have loved to paint some sky scrapers
and a couple of taxi cabs... Oh well. Next year I'll be around
to go back to my sweet 4 year old class! I missed them so!

Last Tuesday night we headed out after a long tee ball game
to Memphis.  I had to go to St. Jude to participate in a new
Life Study they are doing for adult cancer survivors.  It was a three
day process of blood work, tests, scans, and filling out questionnaires. 
Luckily, my appointments at the hospital were over around 2 or 3 everyday,
so we got to hang out and do fun stuff in the evenings! Memphis
has TONS of free stuff for St. Jude patients and their families to do 
for FREE. Yes, free. There is a list of things and activities to do around town.

We played putt putt golf.
We rode the go karts.
Derek took Kyler and Harper to the Fire Museum.
And then we went to the Pink Palace.
And the Park.

We ate out every night!

Wednesday we went to Burly's Burgers. Ugh. NOT GOOD
FOOD. Do not go there. It was one of those creepy
restaurants that you see in a horror film... Gave me the
heebie jeebies! 

Thursday night we went to Old Venice Pizza Co.
downtown.  Food was better, but not greatness. We
had a restaurant.com coupon to use there, so we
all of us ate for 10 bucks! :) 

Friday night we went to famous HUEY'S! I have
eaten here too many times to count... so I knew
the food was going to be good. And it was. All of it.
Chris and Hope came up Friday night and ate with us,
so that was a good time!

Saturday we got up bright and early and headed for 
the ZOO! We have been here COUNTLESS times
as well, but it never gets old! We love it. And yup,
we got in for free. :) Gotta love that.
We spent the whole day at the zoo! It was hot hot hot!!!
But everyone enjoyed themselves.  Kyler asked
a bijillion questions and Harper was just glad to be outside.

Kyler touched a snake. Ugh. I got goosebumps
watching this:
We saw the mad monkey (gorilla):
Saw two giraffes who obviously had a fight:
Along with all the other animals, it was good day!
We left the zoo and headed to eat at our other
place we eat all the time... Buffalo Wild Wings
in Olive Branch.  We love going there. It's just the right
place that is loud so you can be loud and no one cares.
They have good food, too!

It was a busy busy trip! St. Jude will send me the
results of all my tests and scans, which from what I know
turned out fine.  12 years in remission and counting!
Let's keep it that way. 

Candyland Party is coming along, too! I have most
everything painted, invitations ready to be mailed out,
candy buffet in full swing, and all the little details
in between ready to be tweaked! I am so pumped about this day!
I can't believe my sweet Harper Layne will be 1 in just a few short
weeks! Where has the year gone!?
And in just a few months, I will have 5, yes FIVE, year old and a 1 year old!
Can you believe it? I can't!

Only 7 more weeks of summer (counting this one)!!!

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Shannon Willcutt said...

I have been meaning to leave you a comment on this blog post for forever...but it seems like I am always catching up on blogs on my phone, and it is hard to leave comments! I did not know you were a cancer survivor! Wow! It floored me when I read that.

Hope ya'll are having a great summer!!

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