“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yea Yea Yea

I know, I know... it's been a while.
And I have no excuse. No reason why I haven't blogged.
Nothing big or exciting has happened in the last three
weeks.. no earth shattering news.... nothing. And that
is probably why I haven't blogged. Nothing really to say.
We've been doing a lot of this:

and this:

 and sometimes this:
 but mostly just hanging out and swimming.
and walking. Harper is all over the place... literally.
Everywhere. She just walks and walks.. sometimes
falls.. then gets back up and walks some more.
She is such a drama queen.  Attitude, too. Whoo Whee!
She has a temper on her like you wouldn't believe!
Too funny, that child.  And Kyler, he is playing ball
and swimming all day.  Ball season is almost over,
so our days are mostly spent swimming and sleeping
and watching Netflix.  This is our summer life.
Long summer days and late nights... well, not too late.
Both kiddos still like their bed time.
Kyler has gotten in a habit of wanting to sleep on the floor
in his room rather than in his oh so comfy bed.  So on the weekends
I let him do it.  We make a big pallet with all the blankets in 
the house along with all the extra pillows and pillow pets. He loves
it. Guess it's a boy thing! :)  He also decided it was a good idea
to climb our fig tree in the backyard and JUMP into the TINY
swimming pool we have. This pool is about 10" tall.... definitely
not tall enough to jump from a tree into.  Well, he did. And landed
on his feet. Ugh. I nearly had a heart attack.  Thought he broke his
ankles.  Then he couldn't walk on his feet. I started panicking.  He
finally started to move his ankles around and I made him walk
for a bit so I could watch his feet. They had small bruises on them,
but nothing swollen or strangely colored.... Whew. I could breathe again.
He was all upset that I was upset so then we both decided that
coming inside would be a good idea. He didn't even want to swim
for a couple of days after that incident.  Of course that quickly changed.
This was today's trick:

In action. Gah I love my camera.  It's probably tired
from taking so many pictures... but I figure out new things on it
almost everyday!  
D is still working and doing stuff around the house.. 
Landscaping and mowing and taking care of his little garden.
He had a small fiasco with some Triple 13 spray, but I think
his veggies are coming up and lookin' good! :)
I am still looking for J-O-B. And need one. Want one.
Crave one. Really.  I just want to work. And teach.
In the meantime... I'll be capturing a lot of this:
K's tire swing D hung up in the front yard. Loves it.

Going to play some ball!
Chris's birthday cook out. Good times.
 Double Trouble. :) Best of friends.
 Birthday hat on the not birthday girl! :)
 The ever so popular Slip N Slide. Harper LOVES water.
 I love how these flowers pull towards the sun. These bloom during the
day and close up at night. So pretty!
And this picture cracks me up every time I see it. It looks like
Harper is getting onto Copper about something. Hand on her
hip and everything. He even looks like he is in trouble.

Happy Summer Days!

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