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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Breakin' It

Hard to believe... Spring Break is almost over! :(

I have had a busy week off! I started painting
my kitchen on Saturday and finished it on Monday.
We still had a little bit of touch ups to do... we did
that today.  It looks SO SO SO much better.

Before.. this was how it looked when we bought it.
 ugh. those curtains. that light! (the light is still there..
but it is soon coming down and another will replace it.)
 AFTER THE PAINT! the cabinets are still horrible..
and the cabinet pulls are awful... but one thing at a time, people!
 handmade curtains by BJ and me. Thanks, BJ!
And see that cute sign next to the window? My
MT (mentor teacher) gave it to me as a gift! :)
 The door was still wet in this picture... This is a
very light gray with white trim!

I am so glad that project is over. Now on the next.
I am working on one of our own name signs... you know,
like the ones that are nature looking like letters.. I
decided to do our own instead of pay lots of money for one.
It is coming along just fine. I have some left over fabric from
my curtains and will mat the pictures on it and frame it to hang
in the kitchen. I am also working on a LARGE collage print
to hand in the kitchen/hall as well. It will make everything
come together.  I also am looking for a red/black or something
like that runner to put down my hall on the floor.  

Sigh. My spring break is almost over. Back to school next week.
On the positive side... only 7 more weeks until graduation!
I am planning a graduation dinner. and Harper's birthday party.
and MY birthday party. I LOVE planning parties.
It's my other half of my life. :)

Did I mention how many showers I have been to lately?!
I have lots of people in my life that are getting married
and/or having babies. It's so fun!!! I love showers and
getting gifts for other people.

I have Harper's old clothes strung out all over the place. I am
going to consign them at Cooper's Closet this year! I have
never done it... so I hope it all goes well.  I need to make
some extra money!! We'll see what all I can sell. To find out
more on how to consign with them, click here.

Harper Layne. has never slept in her own bed. Until tonight
We just bought this baby:
 and plan on using it ASAP.  She has to
sleep in her own bed.  MUST. no option.
Again, we'll see how this goes...
She hasn't slept in our bed.. she has either
slept in her carseat (when she was smaller
because of her ears) or on a pallet with
a bijillion covers and pillows. That is how
she slept SO good. So I was not about to move her.
 But now... she has to sleep in her crib. :/
Pray we sleep tonight.

I just did my favorite school thing every month.
Ordered books from scholastic.  I LOVE books
and LOVE the prices on here!!! I always order
a good many books. We read every night before bed
and now I get to start a girl collection!! :) :)

 And last, but not least... this place. is heaven.
Really. Frozen yogurt. Correction.
Ya. That's right. with Heath Bar pieces and caramel.
Their slogan... "GET YOUR SMACK ON."
Oh I do. A lot. Enough that I have already racked up
enough "member points" to get a free frozen yogurt cup.
twice. :)
Guess you know where I'll be tomorrow!!!
FRIDAY! I think the kids will leave school early
and we'll eat lunch with D and then who knows
what we'll get into! :)

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