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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing Catch Up

It has been such a busy two weeks!
I started teaching full time at school,
which leaves me NO time at home
to do anything but cook, bathe kids,
and sleep. Literally.  But... I have good news....
Lesson planning is OVER for my first phase.
WHOO! I wrote a total of  70 lesson plans
for this phase. That is a lot in intern world.
I have two more weeks until spring break
and I am counting down! Don't get me wrong,
I love my students and my teacher, but they
wear me out! And I am ready to paint
my kitchen and get my hair done. I'm going
back blond, finally! Seriously I am counting
down for that one. I can't wait to see my hair
back the color it longs to be. It has slowly
turned light blond since I first dyed it brown
anyways. I don't think it likes it.

In other news... Kyler will be signed up for
t-ball by the end of the day! He is going
to play in Caledonia this year since we live
here now. Only makes sense.  I am kinda
sad because he can't play with Jayce or
Rylee this year, but he needs to make new
friends and we need to make new parent friends
if we are going to be here for a while. And since
Kyler will start school next year, he needs
to be around some kids that he will know!
I am excited about t-ball season this year. Last
year I was pregnant and was miserable towards
the end of it when all the games were in June.
This year it should be much more comfortable.
And we only have to go about 4 miles to get
to the field. YAY!

Harper got her tubes in Wednesday. And she is
wonderful! Prayers were surely answered that day
and afterward.  She did so good going to sleep
with the gas and then waking up.  She was a little
disoriented (who wouldn't be when you had just been
put to sleep with a balloon flying over your face and
a gas mask) when she first woke up, but she was
totally fine about 15 minutes later.  By the time we left
the hospital around 9 a.m., you couldn't even tell
she had anything done! She was fine the rest of the day
at home, as well.  Just the happiest little thing. Well,
she's not that little, either.  She weighs 21 pounds. ya.
And Kyler? He weighs 38 pounds. Big kids, I tell ya.
But they are healthy.
Speaking of Kyler... I picked him up from school the other
day and our conversation went something like this:
K "Momma, you know what?"
me- "what?"
K "You know who I want to be when I grow up?"
me- "who?"
K "Eric."
me- "who is Eric?"
K "you know, Eric... the prince!"
me- "prince of who?!"
K "the prince on Mermaid, and Lana is
going to be Ariel and we are gonna get married!"
me- "married?"
K "ya, me and Lana, gonna get married. Just 
like Eric and Ariel."

yea...  married. as a four year old. All that whole 
movie and the boys fight over who is going to
marry Lana. At least he's a ladies man! Lana
is a pretty girl! :)

Graduation is soon approaching..as is
my job applications.  I have them finished,
just putting some last minute touches on them
to get them right before I send them off.  Want
them to be perfect! Pray something comes up
and there is a good position open for me for
the fall! I have heard some places that have openings,
but i don't want to bank on anything just yet.  

I plan on doing some school work today
and grade some papers from yesterday.
Life of a teacher! :)

Here are some pictures from the last few days,
and Kyler and Harper's school pictures for the
Spring! They turned out SO good I thought!

 look what i can do now!
 step 1... getting there...
 step 2, watch me now!
 step 3... steppin' up.
 step 4! look at me!

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