“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions (a little late)

I am not big on resolutions
for the new year really.. I rarely keep
them and find it hard to promise
to do something when I have no idea
what will happen in the upcoming year.
But this year is different.  I am making
a resolution to myself, for myself.  And it's
not to lose weight (even though I need to)
or to drink only water or anything materialistic.
This resolution is spiritual.  I am going to
read my Bible everyday.  I am going to pray more.
I am going to study more.  
I write these things not only to keep myself
accountable for doing it,  but to encourage
you to do it as well.  We all need more prayer
in our life, or I do anyways.  And reading and
studying God's word is the only way to make your
relationship with him stronger.  And I need that.
Who knows why I picked such a busy semester
and year to start all this! I am entering my final and
most busy semester of school. Ever. Time is going
to be on my short list this semester.  Until May, at least.
Then it will be a summer of job hunting for the fall!
So, with that said, I surely need to pray that God will
speak to me in his words that I read everyday
and that I make the time and effort to do his will.
I am a total planner and like to have a routine..
So getting started will be the hard part. I know once
I get on a schedule of reading everyday, I'll keep
to it.  We are about to start a new study in our life
group, and I am really excited about it! It's called:

I am looking forward to reading this on a weekly
basis and learning out to "outlive my life."
I love Max Lucado. He really gives it to you straight.
We did a previous lesson on:

and I loved loved loved it. I kept jumping
ahead and would read 2 or 3 chapters
 instead of the 1 for the week of life group.
Did I mention how much I love my life group?!
That is the one night a week I look forward to the most.
Just a bunch of adults, eating, hanging out, 
talking about God's word and his love.  We tend
to get into some pretty deep conversations and seldom
stay on track with our subject for the night, but that
is what I love about it.  We ask questions that aren't
usually asked, and try to get into the nitty gritty of things.
Love it.  Another book that I have read once, but am 
going to read again because the first time I didn't
read it for the right reasons is:

Yes, I know. This is "old." I got it when it first
came out and read it without hesitation.  But I didn't
do any of the things it says, nor did I take it to heart.
I am going to read it again and actually do the
tasks it says with my whole heart.  Me and D need it.
Not because we are having problems, but because
we need to continue to grow in God as a couple. And
we need to grow together as a married couple.  I am 
making a commitment to D and to myself to
read the words with an open mind and an open heart
and to do some serious changes this year.  Changes
for me, changes for my family, changes for the future. 
It's time we all start changing.. for the better.
I'm ready to "Out live my life" in this "Crazy Love Dare"
kind of life I am leading. :) :)

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