“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gettin Back in the Swing...

Well, the new year has come..
that only means one thing.
Back to school. BUT..
this is my LAST semester!
So I am not complaining! In 5
months, I will be a graduate of MUW.
Praise the Lord.  I honestly never
thought this time would come. These
next 16 weeks are going to go by
so quickly, though!  I know it will,
and I am kind of sad about that.
Harper just turned 6 months old.
That means...when I graduate,
there will be just 2 short months
until she is 1 year old. I mean, WHERE
did that time go?! It's crazy to think of
this sweet girl being 1 year old. I can't
even imagine it. So I'm not.  Even though
I am secretly already looking into cute
first year birthday themes :)
I am glad that the busy holiday season is
over. I am happy to be home and know
I have nothing planned for the near future.
EXCEPT... Harper is going to the
ears, nose, and throat doctor for her
ear infections she's been having since
before Thanksgiving.  I'm almost
positive that they will say tubes. But,
honestly,  I hope they do if that will
help her rest and feel better. She hates
to sleep because it hurts her ears. She
does not rest well at all. It's been a long
couple of months. Hopefully we will get
something resolved at the doctor. Speaking
of doctor.. she gets her 6 month shots
on Tuesday! :/ She does fairly well with them,
though.. so I'm not too worried.  

I have been having too much fun with
my new camera. Literally taking pictures
of anything and anyone.  I have always wanted
one of those alphabet photo name things
that have your last name...
but refuse to pay buckoo money for one.
But now, I can make my own! WHOO! I have
been taking pictures of things that looks like
letters for the past few days, and plan to 
have one done soon. Only problem.. my
last name is kind of long.. and has many
of the same letters. So I'm going to have to 
get creative. Right up my alley. I have
another project I'm working on this week, too!
I am going to make a big "W" out of sticks
and pine cones from the yard and spray paint
it to hang on my door. At least until I get
my metal "W" made! :)  Trying to get last 
minute house things done before my life is
consumed with school once more!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!
I'll leave you with a few pictures form the
past few days...... 

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