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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

and Christmas makes 6

This Christmas will be
mine and D's 6th together.
6th. where did these 6
years go!? I have no idea.
Somewhere in between, however,
we have had two beautiful children,
rented an apartment, bought 
our first home, one of us has graduated
from college, and the other will be
graduating in May (whoo!), and have
too many blessings to count.  How
thankful I am for the past 6 years!
Derek and I will be together 6 years
actually in May of 2011, but we started
dating in May of 2005.. so this makes 6
years. He was arguing with me about
it just last night. I know every day and
important happening in our life. 
May 26, 2005- we started "talking" (HA)
November 2005- I told him I loved him first.
December 2005- He told me he loved me back.
yes, it took him a month to tell me.
September 27, 2006- our lives changed forever.
Kyler Channing was born.
July 31, 2007- D proposed at the lake by
my grandmother's house.
May 24, 2008- wedding day!
December 9, 2009- found out we
were having another baby!
February 11, 2010- found out it was a girl!
May 8, 2010- D graduates from MUW!
July 1, 2010- Harper Layne Whitworth
May 4, 2011- still to come.. but I am
graduating.. FINALLY! WHOO!!!!

Here are some pictures starting
with our first Christmas. :)

Christmas 2005- scanned picture...
Christmas 2006. Couldn't find one during December of all of us!
 Christmas 2007
 Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009- last pic as a family of 3!
 Christmas 2010! :)

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Micaa Bags said...

i'm so proud of you for soon graduating! and i'm so happy for you and your beautiful family. thanks for being my bff.

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