“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Monday, December 27, 2010


What a Christmas we had!
I am thankful it is over. Is that
bad to think that?! We just were
so busy and my house would
not stay clean for longer than 5 minutes
and all I wanted to do was throw
everything away because it was
all over the house!
But Santa was good to the kids,
and D was good to me! I don't know what
I did this year to get such awesome
gifts, but I am doing double duty
next year! :)  We had 3 (well, 4) 
Christmases all together. First stop,
BJ's house.  We did theirs on Christmas Eve.
Kyler and Harper got the majority,
of course, while D and C got matching TV's. 
They must have been good this year, too!
Kyler's favorite gift from Ganna and Papaw?!

Oh yea.. Wolverine Claw. Yikes.
Now he really is Wolverine.
New Georgia Boots. His others are TOO small!

Next was Christmas at our house!
Santa came and left by 11 p.m. that night
(he was TIRED)... All was well with the world.
Especially since Harper AND Kyler slept
until 8 a.m.! :) I am not about to tell Kyler to
wake up at the crack of dawn for presents.
He was thrilled with his Batman Cave..the one
thing he asked for over and over and over again.
And we weren't even going to get it... but I am
glad we did! He hasn't played with much of
anything since getting that.  Santa left half of a cookie,
which Kyler took upon himself to eat for breakfast.
Harper enjoyed the boxes and paper more
than her toys, of course.  She looked so cute 
playing with her new musical toy!
And she got a new ride!

Next were books. And lots of them. Santa knows
we have teachers and learners in this household!
Did I mention that it did THIS the WHOLE morning?!

 SNOW!!!!! I have never seen a white Christmas
before and it was so fun! We were more excited about
having snow on Christmas Day than our presents..
Well, I don't know about me. My presents were right
on target this year. D sure was listening to Santa's elves!

 The mother of all gifts for me:
 Welcome home, pretty baby.
Isn't she pretty!? And already a hard worker. I took
438 pictures after I opened her! AND she stayed
charged up until about 8 that night. She's a good
little worker. I love her. Really. LOVE.

I have tons of pictures to post (with my new baby)
and will do a new one for those! Hope
everyone had a MERRY Christmas and is going
to have  fabulous New Year! :)

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