“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 28

Day 28- What Stresses You Out

Hm........ What stresses
me out?! I try not to
stress over things, but I 
do worry a lot. Worry
about finances, worry
about school, about my soon
to be career for the rest of
my life, things like that..
but I guess if something were
to stress me out it would
be these few things:

Not having my house clean.
I cannot stand for my house
to be dirty. Even a little bit.
You can find me on any 
given day ALL hours of
the day and night picking up,
washing clothes, doing the dishes,
wiping down the counters, vaccuuming,
sweeping( at least 4 times a week), 
or doing anything else that involves
cleaning.  I am a neat freak, and if
something is out of place, I get stressed.
And I clean when I am mad or have
something on my mind.... Go figure.

Not having a schedule/routine.
I need/have/want/pine for a routine
in my life. That is part of the reason
I am becoming a teacher.  I have to
be on a schedule.  And I am a serious
planner.  I have everything and anything
listed on our calendar on the fridge
as well as a planner in my purse I keep
up with all the time. I once lost it and
I cried until I found it. True story.  I keep
up with everything and have to be on
time for events. Have to.  Which is a problem
in our family because when something starts
at 2, people show up from 2-4:30........
ugh.  But I have learned to deal with that..
We are always on time and punctual.  Even
with 2 kids.  I have a fear of walking in late
to something.. anything.. and everyone
stopping what they are doing and staring
at me. That or lock me out!

Finally, it stresses me out to
no end when I am trying to buy 2 items
at the store and there are only 3 lines
open out of 35, and each line has about 10 
people in it with 2 buggies of groceries. There
is a reason why there are so many cashier lines..

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