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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Months

Harper Layne is 5 months old!
Gah. This time next month she
will be starting school where
Kyler goes. SAD FACE. I hope
she can deal.. or rather THEY can deal
with her temper she has. And yes,
for those of you who swear she never
cries.. you will see. Trust me.  She has
gotten completely spoiled to anyone
and everyone talking to her.. so she 
thinks that she has to be talked to 24/7.
Seriously.  She will wake up if it is
quiet and no one is talking.  
Anyways... here are some things
about 5 month old Harper and some
pictures from today!

Harper likes to:
-chew on her fingers. She
can put her whole fist in her mouth. No joke.
-play with her feet. Or foot rather.
I think she thinks she only has a left foot.
She never plays with her right one.

-watch Kyler. she is amazed by him
and will watch him do anything. 

- eat. and eat a lot.  She eats 2's
food (that isn't supposed to start until
6 months) and handles it like a champ.
Can't get enough of it!

-roll over. She recently learned
this new trick and thinks it is hilarious.

-whine. D says she has that 'girl whine'
whatever that means. ha. I say
she sounds like Chewbacca from
Star Wars when she is whining/crying.

-watch cartoons. in the morning
when kyler is getting ready for school,
she will sit in her high chair and watch
Inspector Gadget and Pink Panther.

-be held. all the time. of course.
I don't know how this one will
work when she goes to school....
Bless her teachers!

Harper weighs in at 20 lbs even
and is 26" long. BIG GIRL! :)
She has rolls on her rolls!
But she is happy all the time,
so I love it!

Happy 5 Months, Harper!!!


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