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Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 27

Day 27- Pets

I used to have lots of
dogs when I was little..
but now we just have fish.
And one dog. Actually,
he is Kyler's dog that he got
for his birthday. Thanks to
my friend Rebecca. 
We have a 30 gallon tank
with 5 fish in it. Used to be about
8 fish. Who knows why
some of them died... And
can ANYONE tell me WHY
our tank will not stay clear?!
We spend HOURS, and I mean
hours, cleaning it out, changing
the water, putting the chemicals,
changing the food.... and it only
stays clear for about a week.
Then it turns cloudy and green.
And then it will get so cloudy
that you can't even tell that there
are fish in there! Honestly! I count
them when I feed them to make
sure they are still alive because
I can't see them. It is so annoying.
The tank is so pretty when it is
clear and we love watching
them swim around.. but we hate
when it is dirty and cloudy and 
you can't see them. D and I
have decided that we aren't cleaning
it out anymore. We are going to
get rid of the fish and the tank.
We really don't want to, but
we can't keep taking literally a whole
day out of our time every week to
clean out the stupid tank. UGH.
anyways... so I don't have a picture
of the tank clear, and I sure don't
want to put up the tank as what it
looks like now... so here is
Copper, Kyler's half chihuahua/half jack russell.

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