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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

50 Free Cards?! Yes, Please!

Shutterfly is doing an awesome
thing this holiday season for us bloggers! :)
They are giving away 50 free cards
to those who blog about how cool they are!
And they are some kind of cool! Shutterfly
has the cutest cards, and hundreds to 
choose from!!! Find your perfect fit here.
I looked for hours the other day and FINALLY
came up with some of my favorites... it
 is just so hard to choose which one I 
will get! Here are my faves:

I love the red and green design on this one! So cute,
and perfect for 3 pictures! One for K, H, and me and D!

I LOVE the 8 spaces for pictures! I love
pictures, so the more room, the better! I like
the simple middle part as well! Very classic,
yet modern in its own sense!

The colors on this card are so vibrant!
Very contemporary! Love the design
and how the layout can be changed!
This one is at the top of my list
at the moment!

I love the layout of this card. And how
the colors offset each other, yet go
together so well. And the spaces for 3 pictures.
I pretty much love everything about this card.

This one just looks so timeless. Classic. Love the 
colors and the little saying! 

I send out 70+ cards a year, and I love
getting new and unique ones every year!
I take them seriously, and want them to 
be PERFECT! Shutterfly is going
to get me there this year!!!

Now, YOU go to Shutterfly and order
your Christmas cards from them! Promise, you
will definitely find the perfect one for you
and your family!!!! GO!

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