“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 day Challenge- Days 2 -6 (yes, i'm cheating)

I feel like I can cheat and do some more days
on the challenge since I am a bit behind... 
It's my blog, anyways.

Day 2- Meaning Behind Blog Name

There isn't really a meaning behind the name. I needed
a name to add and that is what I came up with! I do,
however, wish to have something a little more catchy
or something. A little help would be nice. (hint, hint)

Moving on to day 3...

Day 3- 1st Love

Do I really have to talk about 1st love? Um, no. Don't think
so. That was about 7 years ago and it ended. That's all
you need to know. And all I care to remember about it.

Day 4- Parents

This is my mom, Candi, and my grandmother, Janette.

in Atlanta last year.
Love them!

Day 5- Siblings

ha, this is an easy one. i am the only child! :) go me!

Day 6- Happy Picture

I couldn't decide on just one, but these pictures make me 
smile and laugh out loud every time I look at them!

 me and my bestest bestest friend, Micaa

 my sweet Kyler on his 1st birthday, with no teeth!

 this picture just makes me smile everytime.
funny girl, Harper!

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Micaa Bags said...

So, get used to it-I'm going to be your
official blog stalker. Kudos to getting it
launched! Love Love Love the picture of me
and you from... a year ago. Yikes. And the
one of Kyler at Blue Bluff... those were
the days. Picture of Harper actually makes
me smile. Imagine that. Go Roo.

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