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Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Day 10

day 10- What Am I Afraid Of?

today's challenge is not my favorite. I mean,
who wants to talk about what they are
afraid of? Not me, of course.. but here goes.

1. Sickness
Couldn't find a picture that didn't gross me out,
but I have a fear of being sick, as in having a
disease.  I am pretty sure this fear comes
from my past of having cancer, and the thought
is always in the back of my mind that it could
come  back.  I have been in remission for
12 years now, thank the good Lord.  But I still
try to "plan" what I would do if it or another
form of disease came back that I would have to fight.
It's different now that I have a husband and kids
to think about. Scary thoughts actually. 

2.  Snakes.

yes, this an actual picture of mine.  EW!  I cringe at
the sight of these, or even the tiny green grass
snakes in the yard.  A  snake is a snake to me. Period. 
And these HUGE things... were in my dryer when I moved
into my new house this year.nAnd they were IN MY HOUSE
while I slept on the floor with my family the first night.
OMG. The thought of them getting out and slithering
around my house while I was asleep is almost too much for me.
Let's just say, when we found them in the dryer,
I had a nervous break down and refused to
do the laundry for a while. A long while. 
I still get uneasy when I open the dryer
to get clothes out. Chills.

3.  Mice.

yup. who isn't afraid of these things?  Again, I have had
a couple of too near experiences with these things as well. Ugh.
I had one run over my bare foot one time.. can we say heart attack?
Now we have one that comes in and out of our house since it 
has gotten cold.  Stupid little mouse, please go outside
and live in the field. It's much safer for you and much
saner for me if you would. Thanks.

4. Hospitals
yea, yea...why would I be afraid
of hospitals if they make you better when
you are sick? Oh I don't know other than
the 7 surgeries I have in my 24 short
years of life. Ya. 7. Broken wrist surgery (age 12),
Lymphangiogram (age 12), Bone marrow biopsy (age 12),
lymph node taken out of my neck (age 12), 2 C-sections 
(ages 20 and 23), and another one when I was 18.And
all the countless hours I spent at St. Jude, even though
they are God sends up there. A hospital is a hospital.
So, that's a lot to me. So when I go into a hospital
it sorta freaks me out a little. 

I'm sure there are some other things
that I am afraid of, but those are the
top 4 that came to mind instantly. I'm
not THAT big of a scaredy cat, right?!


LT (and Max) said...

thanks for saying hey! what a fun blog and a cute family you have!! :)

JWhitworth said...

hey! hope you don't think i'm a stalker! just love reading your blog! :) thanks for stopping by mine!

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