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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 day Challenge- Day 11

Day 11- Favorite TV Shows

Favorite TV shows? Who has just one?
Not me. I have many shows I like
to watch, even though I don't
watch that much TV. We only
have 7 channels at our house,
plus the Netflix.. so most of the time
we are watching a movie instead of TV.
And most of the time I miss
my favorite shows and end up watching
them online the day after. But I always
try and make time for my favorite
favorite show:

 Grey's Anatomy. Sigh. I love it. I can't 
help it. LOVE it. McDreamy, McSteamy..
all of them! Drama and doctors. yum.

 Cake Boss. I wish to do what he
does one day. Only I don't have
an entire family that I would work
with on a daily basis like he does!

 Bad Boys, Bad Boys... me and D watch this
almost every Saturday night. It's our thing.

 Gossip Girl. I know, melodramatic characters,
but so full of drama! I guess I like to watch
fake drama! I like all the backstabbing
and fights they all have! And then I am
thankful that my life is NOT like that. I
just enjoy watching it.

 48 Hours Mystery. another one
of me and d's thing. we like to watch
it and give our own opinion on the crime
and the back story.  He's a psychology
major.. he lives for stuff like that.

OTH. love love love them. Again,
like GG, melodramatic.. but so fun!
I love the characters, and the boys
are so fun to look at! :)

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