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Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 day Challenge- Day 9

Day 9- Picture of Friends

Friends. That can be such a vague
term to some people.  I have a small
group of really good friends. Most of the time,
I am with the same girls! They all have a
special place in my heart, and I love
them all so much! Here goes the gals
in no particular order:

 Rachel. just had the cutest little man ever! this was in 
Memphis for her bachelorette party last year!

 Ashley. known each other since grade school, 
then she introduced me to her cousin, D. thanks, ashley!
Florida, my bachelorette party!

 Laura. cousin. friend. love her!!!!
Florida trip, too.

 all my girlfriends! love them!!!

 Ashley again. just like this pic! Her surprise
birthday party, October 2008.

 OK- clockwise, starting at the top, Kirstie,
Rebecca, me, Katie, Keshia, and Ashley.
LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls! We
are the "W" girls since we all went to school
together for the same thing! We have a tight bond!
Now Katie is getting married and Kirstie is having
a baby! And Rebecca had her son, Hudson, exactly
one week after Harper! Keshia is the sweetest friend,
and everyone knows Ashley by now!

 Another pic of all of us at my old apartment, but this
one has Kim in it! Such a sweet girl! Met her at
EMCC and now she goes to the W! Love her
and her sweet kids!

love her. ever hear how you can have a soul
mate of the same gender? well, she is mine.
we call each other when we "feel" like the other
is in need. And we are always right about each other.
We have been friends longer than anyone else I know!
Been through crazy boyfriends, crazy road trips, 
crazy nights staying up WAY too late, more crazy
boyfriends, and now our crazy lives we live today!
Micaa, me and you.... we don't even need words. :)
love you.

 Valerie.  New friend my marrying a guy I graduated
high school with. hilarious.  We hit it off as friends,
and now we see each other all the time at church
and for life groups and any other time! This was us
in Wyoming last summer. Good times.

Another picture I found of Katie and Kirstie.  Such
sweet girls. So glad to have them in my life! This was about 3 
weeks before Ms. Harper came! 

So, there they are! Ya, most of the pictures have the
same people in them. Told ya I had a small group of
friends.. but as you can see I talk to and see them a lot!
I am blessed to have each of them in my life, as they
all serve different purposes for me. Thank you, God
for giving me such great friends!


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Micaa Bags said...

Thank you for the sweet words. You know you dont have to win me over! I really really love the picture you posted but especially that group of pictures. I think we need some new ones... For when I come up there next time. A new woman. :) I'm glad youre my best girlfriend.

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