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Sunday, July 1, 2012

WHOOOO Had a Birthday?!

This sweet little girl...

turned 2 years old today. Well, TECHNICALLY, she turned 2 on Thursday. Exactly 2 years ago. But today, July 1st, is her REAL birthday! :)

We did HOOT OWLS this year! It was so much fun to plan! I ended up making and creating a lot for this party, since you can't find a lot in stores. I did happen upon an owl table cloth and banner at Wal-Mart (they were putting them out when I found them and ran to grab one of each!)
I got different colored tablecloths and hung them up like curtains to cover up the white walls. I also hung up some burlap owls that The Cookie Mama, Shannon Willcutt, has at her house. I borrowed them for the party! She was SO sweet to let me! :) Thanks, Shannon! They looked SO cute hanging up everywhere. I also picked up some cute things from Hobby Lobby and Kirklands. I decided to do her room in owls, too... so all this stuff is for her room! It looks cute in there, now!

We had about 16 kids there and about 30 adults. It was a par-tay! :)

The food table (covered up until we ate): Cake, cookies (from the cookies mama of course :), brownies, ham and cheese rolls, sausage dip, salsa dip, chicken salad, fruit tray, vegetable tray. and you know what? I only brought one tray home of leftover veggies. Everything else was wiped out. Totally. Guess our guests were hungry!

Happy table: bags of gummi worms (because that's what owl's eat) coloring pages and crayons (with owls) and little bean bag owls (compliments of myself and MIL.)

Harper had such a fun party! She had a HOOT (lol) with all of her family and friends!

Craft table: I made owl masks and the kids got to color their own and decorate with stickers. We also had mini owl ornaments they made from sticky  back foam. We did fingerpaint owls, too! This table kept them SOSOSO busy.

We played "pin the beak on the owl" but I didn't get a picture of it! :( It was cute, though. The kids loved it! We played 2 rounds of that.

Little Miss got LOTS of goodies for her birthday! From Barbies to Babies to Fur-Real Pets to Dress up Sets to Colors and Markers.

The best we could do for a family pic of 4. Fun times.

Needless to say, birthday girl slept until after 9 this morning. 

We have had another celebratory day since it is her REAL birthday! After church, we headed to Logan's to eat (because we had a coupon, buy one entree get one free) then to Wal Mart. We ended our trip with a nice cool treat from Smackers. Harper knows that place by name, and requested it after lunch. She has been in her room all afternoon playing (strowing out every toy she has) since we got home. She is one happy birthday girl. And that makes for a happy rest of the family! :)

Happy Birthday, Harper Layne. We love you!

Momma, Daddy, and Kyler

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