“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I underestimated him...

So today is Valentine's Day... the day that everyone gets all mushy and gooey over each other. Yes, I know.. it's gross to some. But I have spent the last 7 Valentine's Days trying, begging, pleading for D to give in to this day and go above and beyond for me. He has come through a couple of times with flowers and a card, but majority of the time, he refuses to do anything. He doesn't like to "give in" (as he calls it) to this day of flowers, candy, cards, and lovey dovey stuff. And I don't either, most of the time. I guess I have always wanted just this one day of the year to be special, just like all other women on this day!
Anyways... I went to work today with no expectation of any gifts. I gave D mine last night, and we had already discussed his no gifting to me. I had succumbed to another year of a last minute box of candy or last minute flower arrangement.
MUCH to my surprise when I got off work... I called D at his work. Like I always do. Everyday.  And you know what? He wasn't there. I assumed he had left early (to get the last minute whatever) but then I found out that he hadn't been there ALL DAY. All day? Where had he been and what was he doing ALL day long for him not to go to work? D never misses work. And I mean never. So I called his cell. No answer. Called again. No answer. After 7 calls and 1 mean voice mail, I gave up. He called me while I was in the store in Caledonia. Wanting to know where I was. What I was doing. I knew he was up to something...He kept asking me if I was home yet. So I knew he wasn't there. He was picking up the kids from school. So I checked out quickly and rushed home. I knew he had been there because the mail had been checked already. I walked up to the door to unlock it and I could smell it. Food. The aroma of food. My next thought was that he had ordered in or bought something and left it on the counter. I opened the door and peeked in the kitchen. First thing I saw? A sink full of washed dishes. So I knew he had cooked something. Then I noticed my poinsettia on my stove. Which is not its place. I walked over to the fridge and opened it. I saw containers of food, so I assumed he had cooked and just put it up until we all got home. Then I turned around. And I saw the table. I saw this:

D cooked for me! And did he ever COOK! Shrimp scampi over a bed of wild rice, bacon wrapped asparagus, and cheddar bay biscuits. And Hershey kisses, of course! He has a habit of spelling out "i love you" with edible items.
Needless to say, I take back all the things I said about him. He outdid himself. And I am thankful for him! I was speechless. This is totally out of left field! I was oblivious to all of this going on today. He took off an entire day; spent part of it at the store (bless his heart) then the rest planning, preparing, and cooking! And he had time to set it all up and be gone before I got home! He did so go good and I was and still am so impressed! Bless his heart.

Love you, D.

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