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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Calling All Superheroes...

So, we had a FABULOUS birthday party on Saturday!
Kyler Channing is turning 5, which I have already blogged about,
so we went ahead and his party this weekend. He will, of course,
get cupcakes sent with him to school on Tuesday (his real birthday)
to celebrate yet again.

We did a superhero theme this year. He is so into the heroes
so it only made sense. And with all the movies out this
summer, it was so easy to find superhero stuff! I went with
most of the Marvel heroes, and added a few of the D.C. Comics
in there, too. Everything ended up being so cute and the kids
had a blast. Really. All 22 kids that came. Ya. 22. And I stopped
counting adults at 37. So, we had a small gathering, HA!
Most of Kyler's class from school came, which was so fun for him!
We also had cousins Jayce, Rylee, Savannah, and Ethan as always...

Perfect weather for an outside party. It was gorgeous outside! Everyone
ran around and socialized and had a good time. It was so nice! I am
so thankful for everyone who helped and donated (HA) to this event.
D, especially, for moving everything around in the backyard hundreds of
times until I made up my mind where I wanted it all... and for
moving and loading that huge jumper we had... that thing was a HIT
with those kids. Kept them entertained the entire time. 

Ok.. here's the run down with pictures, of course!

Main set up:


tables with hero decor, of course. I had checkers, card games,
bingo, and coloring pages set up at tables for everyone to play.

Cape decorating table! BJ made the capes and I got stickers and
crayons for the kids to decorate their own. This was so fun for them!

I never got a full picture of the food table... As soon as I put it all out,
it was gone. Literally. We went through 60 hot dogs, 50 ham/turkey
roll ups, 4 boxes of strawberries, 3 bags of apples, 2 bags of grapes,
2 bags of mixed veggies with ranch, 3 batches of sausage dip and chips, and 9 gallons of lemonade/pink lemonade/blue punch. And we had a whole cake and Cookie Mama
cookies! All of that food was gone in about 30 minutes. I had some
hungry superheroes, apparently. 

Superhero toys!

Superhero family.

Superhero cousins.

The whole day was perfect and I had such a good time enjoying
with friends and family. My sweet boy is almost 5 years old.
Hard to believe. He is so big and "grown." And so smart. He
can count to 100 (the slow way, not cheating), speaks a few words
in Spanish, knows about 15 Bible stories by heart, has about 10 
Bible verses memorized (they learn a new one each week at school), 
adores his little sister (most of the time), and loves loves loves his daddy.
And his momma. :)
Happy Birthday (on Tuesday) to my Kyler Channing!

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