“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Monday, March 21, 2011

What we're doing...

This is what is going on right now in our house...

 oh yea.. that is my awesome new video monitor. see
my sweet baby H?!
 K is now in bed.. but this was his bedtime snack. you know...
 and mr. D... putting together the new carseat for H.
now we don't have to switch them out anymore!!

And what did we have for dinner?! THIS:
HOMEMADE chicken club pizza. and there is
only 1 piece left. :) oh yea.. it was GOOD.  if I 
must say so myself.. and I usually don't brag about
my cooking... but this was so good. gah. I am sad
there isn't any left but that one piece.... The recipe is
from Kraft Foods.. I get those Food and Family
books in the mail. And I cook out of them ALL the time.
Really. At least 3 of my 5 meals a week is from those books.
Yes, I cook every night of the week unless we have something
to do on a weeknight.. which is usually never. I skip it on
the weekends unless we grill or something... We are so busy
on Saturdays and Sundays that cooking is pointless really.

In other news, I started my first day at CES today. YAY!
It was so good. They are chill there. I love it. Very laid back.
I am excited about spending the next 6 weeks with them!
But even MORE excited about graduation. Yea. You'll hear
me talk about that a lot.  

Now, it is past my bedtime. Way past. NIGHT!!! :)

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