“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yea, yea.. I know it's been
a while... sue me, Micaa.
I have been busy! It's
the Christmas season..
so I have been shopping.
baking, nursing a sick
baby, and visiting with
family! Long stories
Harper has an ear infection.
Same one since November.
On our 3rd round of antibiotics.
If this doesn't work...
tubes are next. Pray this works!
Kyle, Jayme, and Carley came
up this weekend, so we have been spending
time with them! We went ice skating.
WHOOO!!! It was so fun! It'sjust
like regular skating, but on ice of course.
I have done the majority of my Christmas
shopping online. And it is the best. thing. ever.
seriously.  Almost everyday I have 
gotten a package right to my door and
I didn't have to leave the house. AND I
got the same deals as everyone else did
on Black Friday AND free shipping.
Amazing. And so convenient!  Besides
shopping and getting ready for Santa,
we have made an advent calendar, played
endless hours, Harper has learned to 
pretty much sit alone, Kyler and D
have been going to Lowe's for the build
and grow thing they do twice a month.
You sign up and you take your child and
they get to build something there and
bring it home! AND... the best part...
IT'S FREE! :) Free fun for 
kids. Can't get any better than that.
They have been building 3 parts
to a train this month and next month
it's some kind of game box. Fun times.

Kyler and the rest of the kids in
Children's Church went to the 
local nursing home to sing carols
to the elderly and give out
handmade blankets they made at church.
They loved it! We all had a good
time and the people there were
just smitten with the kids.
It was good for them to do something
for others. I think Kyler had
the most fun. He sang every song
he knew at the top of his lungs and
talked and talked to the little old women
there. He loved them just as much
as they loved him. :) He's a little

I'll leave you with a long post
of pictures from the past week.
Enjoy the last couple of weeks
until Ho Ho comes! Or as
Kyler used to say, "Hanta Caus"
comes! WHOO! 13 days! :)

 in front of our tree.
 just got back from his first trip to Lowe's
 with his certificate and masterpiece.
 little miss H
 about to go ice skating!

me, k, and carley
 family ice skaters
 d doesn't even know how to regular skate.
 children's church at the nursing home
 had to have one by himself.
homemade advent calendar!

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