“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Do

This post could qualify for
Day 24 of the challenge,
which is Something you 
have learned.. but I'll
think of something else
for that I am sure. :)

It all started Friday night.
I have been needing to get
my hair done (i get highlights)
really bad... but with the holidays
coming, we didn't really have the
$ to pay for it... So I was trying
to help D out and decided to
get a box of color from the store.
We went to D's mom's house and she
did it for me. Piece of cake. Looked
really good all over, except for a couple
of pieces at the very top. Kinda spotted.
So she went back and put some more
of the color over it to see if it would
blend in. Can you guess?!

Ya, it didn't blend. I washed it out
and it was ORANGE. and when I say
orange, I mean it. Not gold, not blond,
ORANGE. And NO, I do not have
a picture of it. So, of course I was 
almost in tears. I mean.. I am by NO MEANS
high maintenance.. but when it comes
to my hair, I get emotional.  I have always
had really blond hair with all kinds of
colors of blond highlights. And most of the
time it has been long and flowy... And I try
to keep it that way. I was hysterical.
I called my hairdresser, who of course
was/is on vacation!!!! I didn't know what to do.
If you are like me, then you only have
one person who can do anything to your hair
too.  She has done my hair for about 10
years now. No one else will do. Until now.
The only other person I would let touch
my hair was my only option. I called her,
which she works in the same salon, and
told her my story. She worked me in
for today and fixed it. But it's not blond.
The only thing I could do to it was go
brown because if I put more blond
bleach on it, my hair would have broken.
BROKEN? no way.  So, reluctantly
I sat while she put brown color all 
over my hair. For the first time in
my life something other than
platinum blond was on my head.
Everyone seems to like it...
I am still getting used to it. It is
OK for right now.. but in a few
weeks when I can put color on it
again, I am sure I will be back
to my highlights. Most definitely.

So, moral of the story...
there is a reason why women
pay $$$ to get their hair done.
A good reason. And I for 
sure will never do it at home again.
Ever. The end.

 before.... a while back.


sweet H.

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