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Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Day 16

Day 16- Dream Home

Even though we just bought a house
this summer, it certainly is NOT my
dream home.  We just needed
another bedroom for Harper and
a little more storage.. so we bought
this house:
our home (just for next couple of years)

BUT....when we do decide to leave here,
we will be building... so of course I have
thoughts and pictures and writings of
what I want in my dream home. 

1.  HUGE kitchen. I am big cooker
and baker.. so I spend 80% of my
time in the kitchen. And I have a lot
of bake/cookware and dishes... A lot.
So I need space. and I must have a 
walk in pantry. I just must.
Something like this:
 i love the island here. perfect for
breakfast time before school!
 I like the layout of this one. Simple, yet practical.

 Walk- In pantry. a MUST for any mother.

2.  Master Bathroom (with 2 sinks)
Me and D get along just fine with
our one bathroom and one sink.
Always have.  On occassion, we
all 4 will be in our one bathroom
together, and it's all good. But..
in my dream house, we will have 
at least 3 bathrooms. For sure.

 I like the layout of this one. Not so much
the colors...

 but I love the cabinets here. and the 
color. Bright and crisp. Perfect color
for me to see first thing every morning.

3.  Walk In Closet. Oh yes. I know 
I have a lot of clothes, but D has
more than I do. Not because he
buys them all the time.. but because
he just keeps everything. He's like
a clothing hoarder. So we struggle
with closet space. I had some of my
clothes in Harper's closet.. but now
she is getting more and more, as
it should be... so I moved my stuff
back to our room. Enter walk in closet:

 I like how it is part of the bathroom, not
the bedroom. And on a side note, I want
my master bathroom to be by our bedroom,
as in, you have to walk through the
bedroom to get to the bathroom. So it will
just be ours. Not guests.. .so the closet
can be part of the bathroom! Voila!

4.  Wrap around porch. 
I have always loved the look of
a porch, and envision myself and D
rocking on it for years to come. So,
I gotta have it:

5.  Back deck.
We have a small piece of concrete in
our backyard right now for a patio
area, but I want a deck that leads out into
the yard..so we can still have a good time
without being on the grass:

 Picture this with a fabulous sitting area,
huge man grill, and lots of kid toys
all over the place. :)

6.  Vaulted ceilings and beams.
This is more of a D dream thing than mine,
but it is pretty! I could hang some cool
lights if we had vaulted ceilings. And I
wouldn't mind the wood grain so much..
as long as I got to pick out the wall color:

7.  Last, but not least... we're talking
about a dream home.. so I most
definitely have to have a playroom. But
I want like a teacher classroom playroom.
The ultimate place to be. So my kids will
always want to play in here and sleep
and relax in their bedrooms. I have such
a hard time keeping Kyler's room clean,
even though he is a very tidy young man.
Enter the ultimate mom room:

isn't this just fabulous? I love the built
in book shelves. I have a lot of books. 
And will only to continue to have more. The
colors are great and I love the map on
the way back there. Very educational.

So.. that is my dream house. I doubt
any of this will make it into our real
house one day, except for the beams.
I'm sure D will make sure those are there.

A girl can dream, right?!


Micaa Bags said...

Will you let little ole me come stay with you when you build your dream home? I'm going to come regardless...

JWhitworth said...

i will build a room just for you! :)

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