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Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 20

Day 20- Nicknames

I don't really have but like 3
nicknames that I can think of
that aren't just like, "Jen"..
which I am NOT fond of,
by the way. D introduced
me to his ENTIRE family as
Jen, and of course, it stuck.
So I have learned to deal with it,
but I still cringe sometimes when
I hear it. I just have never liked
my name to be shortened.  My name
is Jennifer. Not anything less.

Anyways...now that I have my rant
over with, on to the nicknames 
I do have:

1. Chickadee. My grandmother calls
me this and has ever since I was little.
Either that or Candi, which is my mother's
name. After all these years, she still
can't keep us straight!

2.  Roo. This one came out of nowhere
I think from Mo . Ha. MicaaMo I think
is how it started and then I was Jenniferoo,
then Jennaroo or something like that.
I can't quite remember... But now, we just
say Roo and Mo sometimes when we talk
to each other. Friends thing I guess.

3.  Jena Lou.  D calls me this all the time.
He has called me by Jennifer MAYBE
5 times in the almost 6 six years we have
been together. It's either Jen or Jena Lou.
Who knows..........  

Stay tuned for Christmas decor pics!

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