“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 18

Day 18- Something you regret

Who wants to talk about what
they regret? Aren't we supposed
to not regret anything?
I can say that I do not really
have anything that I just
regret doing or saying or
anything like that.  I mean,
yes, there are things that I am
sure I would maybe have
done differently given the opportunity,
but I wasn't. The decisions I have
made got me where I am today.
That's the thing about regrets.
People say, as I just did, that they
possibly would do some things
differently given the chance.  But
you don't get another chance.
Life is a one way street in that,
once you have done it or said,
there is no going back.  And of
course when you (and I) were younger
we did and said things that now
look horrible and so immature.
But that's what we were. immature. We
grew up, and now we know how to
make right decisions (for the most
part) and have the common sense
not to do something that we will later
think we will regret.
So, again, I don't think there is anything
that I would take back doing or saying
in my past... it's what happened then,
not what is happening now or in the
future, which is all that matters anyways.

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