“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” -Proverbs 3:6

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost a month!

Yes, I realize it has been almost a month since
my last post. I know. Let's just say I have been
REALLY busy. Which I have.  

Tee ball season has started,
graduation season is here, and
Harper is stepping all over the place!

Yes, Derek is coaching tee ball and we
have had practice twice a week until the
games started.  Now we have one game
a night, which isn't so bad. BUT.. being
a coaches' wife.. WHEW! It wouldn't be so bad
if our uniforms weren't messed up, we don't have
hats to match our uniforms, and we don't know when
everything will be fixed. UGH. So in the mean time,
we are just having to wear plain red shirts with our
baseball pants. The only team not wearing their uniforms.
It's not the end of the world. I know it's just tee ball.
But it is important to the kids AND the parents that
everything run smoothly. And it hasn't since we started.
Hopefully things are going to get worked out. And soon.

Kyler is really enjoying playing ball, though.  He is so much
better and more focused this year than last year.  He
actually watches the ball and tries to catch it! And he
hits the ball much better, too.  They all look so cute playing together
on the field.  I am excited to use my camera to get some up close
shots while they are in action!

Next...oh yea.. I'm going to say it.... GRADUATION!
It is in 2 weeks. Yes, in just 15 days I will be a college
graduate. It has definitely been a long time coming, and I should have
been out almost 2 years ago.. but God had other plans for me
and my family.  So it has taken a bit longer than expected. But I wouldn't
have it any other way.  I am in a happy place and intend to stay
in it for as long as I possibly can.  Graduation is right around the corner
and I am in full speed getting things ready.  We are having a 
dinner to celebrate with our family and close friends. Can't wait for that!

And, of course, little miss Harper Layne.  Walking. Well, not
full fledged walking, but taking up to 10 steps at a time! :)
She is wobbly and unstable sometimes, but for the most part
she is getting it!  She can stand on her own for a while, too.
She loves to clap and dance to music.  Little entertainer!

In just a couple of weeks my days are going to be
pretty lazy.  I have a list that is ongoing of
things to do around the house. My spring cleaning
list I guess.  And start redoing our yard.  Whoever
lived here before just planted things randomly 
in the yard... and it all has to go! We have big plans for
our yard... I hope!

Sigh. That is all I have right now, I think! My mind
is racing of things to do this weekend and the
eggs I need to go buy to dye tomorrow!  Guess I 
need to get to our little grocery store before it closes
here in Caledonia!

Everyone have a FABULOUS Easter and long weekend!!!

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