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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

1.10.2011. Snow Day. :)

We woke up to lots of great
packed snow.. perfect for a snowman!
Here is Frosty.. Kyler named him.
Guess that's the only name he could
think of! :) Frosty the (Mexican) Snowman:

We played and played.. then came inside.
D had to go to work.. and just as he left,
Uncle Chris and Hope pulled up on the
4-wheeler! He rode Kyler around for a while..
and then things got interesting.  We got the
swimming pool from the shed and Chris
hooked it up to the 4-wheeler with a rope.
Oh ya. Redneck Sledding. It's a new sport.

I had to have a go on that... and it was so fun!
We rode and rode until the pool ripped. No more
sledding after that.  It was great while it lasted!
I am now making SNOW CREAM! :) Kyler is
taking a nap, Harper just woke up from a nap,
and I have yet to take a nap. 
So thankful for no school today! But I will
have to go tomorrow... I am looking forward to it,
though. Getting back in a routine and such.
I have enjoyed SO SO SO much being at home
today playing in the snow and staying all cuddly!

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

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hopenichole said...

That day was so much fun.... cold, but fun!!!

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